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Double Your Productivity Without

Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed


How Millionaires Schedule Their Day: 1-Page Productivity Tool

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6 Secrets To Beat ‘Overworked & Overwhelmed’

By Kevin Kruse | 23 March 2016

Today, I’m going to talk about a new book that just came out that I just loved. It teaches us the 6 secrets to defeating that feeling of being overworked and overwhelmed. It’s by a writer named Kelly Exeter.

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How Millionaires Schedule Their Day

By Kevin Kruse | 16 March 2016
How Millionaire's Schedule Their Day

Do self-made millionaires and ultra productive people think about their day differently? I’ve interviewed hundreds of ultra productive people including billionaires and highly successful entrepreneurs and in this episode, I’m sharing the commonalities in how they start and schedule their day.

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Mark Cuban’s #1 Productivity Tip

By Kevin Kruse | 09 March 2016
Mark Cuban's #1 Productivity Tip

I cold emailed Mark Cuban asking for an interview, asking him to just tell me his number one secret to time management. What is Mark Cubans advice? What’s his number one piece of advice for time management and productivity?

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How To Cut Your Email Time In Half

By Kevin Kruse | 02 March 2016

In this 15-minute episode, I share my 321Zero Email System which is guaranteed to cut the time you spend on emails in half.

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Stop Typing Notes And Start Writing Them By Hand

By Kevin Kruse | 24 February 2016

Today, we’re talking about Richard Branson’s secret productivity tool and why you need to be handwriting your notes instead of typing them into your computer or tablet. Shocking, I know.

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Former President George W. Bush Secret To Work-Life Balance

By Kevin Kruse | 17 February 2016

Today I’m going to talk about how President Bush read 95 books a year and how his productivity secret will enable you to leave work at a decent hour and enjoy your personal time stress free.

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The 9-Step Procrastination Cure

By Kevin Kruse | 10 February 2016

Today I’m going to give you the cure for procrastination.

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